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Easily use UIKit views in your SwiftUI applications. Create Xcode Previews for UIView elements

Created: Dec 28, 2020Last commit: Mar 15, 2021AvdLee
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How To Make An App - Xcode Tutorial (SwiftUI)

In this Xcode tutorial, you'll get familiar with the development environment where you’ll build apps in. I’ll show you where to get Xcode and how to start a new App project. Then we’ll walk through the major areas of Xcode. I’ll explain to you what each of the files in your new project is for and we’ll end the lesson with some tips on navigating around in Xcode.

Nov 13, 2020CodeWithChris

Mastering SwiftUI previews

This week, I want to talk about one of the most powerful Xcode features, SwiftUI previews. SwiftUI previews allow you to look at your SwiftUI views inside Xcode without running the app in the simulator. You can also preview UIKit views and controllers by wrapping them in SwiftUI. Today we will learn about all the powerful features of previews in Xcode.

Mar 10, 2021swiftwithmajid.com

Xcode comes with a bunch of tools you need to build, debug and release your apps. One of these tools is the Instruments app. The Instruments app is a great tool for profiling your iOS apps. It provides many profiling templates for debugging Core Data, catching memory leaks, disk read/writes, and much more. This week we will learn how to profile SwiftUI apps using the SwiftUI template.

Jan 20, 2021swiftwithmajid.com

5 Ways To Improve Your Xcode Workflow

Feb 11, 2021Maegan Wilson

Learn how previews work, how to optimize the structure of your SwiftUI app for previews, and how to add preview support to your existing views and view controllers.

Jan 22, 2021developer.apple.com

...how to install Catalina in parallel to your current (f.e. Mojave) macOS version.

Jun 4, 2019Martin Lasek