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SwiftUI — Basic components

A simple introduction to UI components in SwiftUI

Jul 27, 2019Lucas Pelizza
  • Slider
  • Popover
  • TextField
  • Alert
  • ScrollView
  • Beginner
  • Picker
  • SegmentedControl
  • ActionSheet
  • DatePicker
  • Form
  • Toggle

Build a Form from scratch [12:55]

Interactive form using the toggle, stepper, date picker and text field.

Jul 11, 2019DesignCode

Customizing Toggle in SwiftUI

This week we will continue mastering SwiftUI components by learning Toggle. Toggle is a view that we can use to allow users to toggle any boolean state in the app. SwiftUI enables us to customize toggles in a very convenient way by providing ToggleStyle protocol.

Mar 4, 2020swiftwithmajid.com
Jun 14, 2019Santosh Botre