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SwiftUI Tutorial: What's the difference between @State, @ObjectBinding, and @EnvironmentObject?

If you want to understand how SwiftUI works with state, start here – this video walks you through how state works, why it matters, and how each of SwiftUI's state options work, all using hands-on code examples so you can see for yourself.

Jun 22, 2019Paul Hudson
  • State Management

SwiftUI - Understanding State

...In this tutorial we will dive into the fundamentals of State — what it is, why it’s good and how to use it

Jun 8, 2019Martin Lasek

MVVM programming with View Models is the new pattern that Apple is recommending developers follow after WWDC this year. I want to go over a very quick example of setting up an ObservableObject with Published properties to trigger UI refreshes in your app.

Sep 28, 2019Lets Build That App

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use State, ObservableObject and EnvironmentObject to share data between views and also how to transition between views using navigation link and sheet (modal transitions).

Aug 28, 2019Brian Advent

The concept of reactive programming can now be implemented using State variables that are Bindable in your application.

Jun 6, 2019Lets Build That App


Async state management for SwiftUI (and UIKit) 🐦

Created: Aug 24, 2020Last commit: Nov 23, 2020fmo91

Step-by-step instructions on how to build using the SwiftUI framework

Jun 4, 2019Antoine Barrault

Package that implements an operation based multi-store à-la Flux for SwiftUI.

Created: Mar 21, 2017Last commit: Feb 1, 2021alexdrone

Implement a dynamic list with empty, error, and loading state

Jul 14, 2019Christian Elies

...how to work with simple state management in SwiftUI. I show you how to setup a simple starter project and give an example of simple state update for SwiftUI

Jun 4, 2019Kilo Loco

How to use the Redux library and integrate it in your SwiftUI app

Jul 26, 2019Thomas Ricouard

Apple's Combine.framework (from iOS 13) + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.

Created: Jun 7, 2019Last commit: Feb 9, 2021inamiy

🟣 Verge is a very tunable state-management engine on iOS App (UIKit / SwiftUI) and built-in ORM.

Created: Oct 17, 2017Last commit: Mar 7, 2021VergeGroup

Generating dynamic lists and details screens from an API that returns JSON is a fairly common need in modern applications. In this video, we’ll show how to use URLSession to fetch JSON, decode it using JSONDecoder, and then use BindableObject and State properties to create a SwiftUI list from the results.

Jun 29, 2019Twilio

Redux-like state container in SwiftUI

This week we will talk about building a state container similar to Redux which provides a single source of truth for your app. A single state for the whole app makes it easier to debug and inspect. Single source of truth eliminates tons of bugs produced by creating multiple states across the app.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io