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MovieSwiftUI is an application using the MovieDB API built with SwiftUI.

Created: Jun 6, 2019Last commit: Jan 6, 2021Dimillian
  • Combine
  • Flux
  • Redux
  • API

Making a Real World Application With SwiftUI: Part 1

Part one: data flow and Redux

Jul 11, 2019Thomas Ricouard

Three different architectures (Model-View, Redux, MVVM) for using SwiftUI implemented at the example of a chat app

Created: Nov 12, 2019Last commit: Dec 8, 2019quickbirdstudios

How to use the Redux library and integrate it in your SwiftUI app

Jul 26, 2019Thomas Ricouard

Apple's Combine.framework (from iOS 13) + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.

Created: Jun 7, 2019Last commit: Feb 9, 2021inamiy
Aug 3, 2019Liviu Coman

Swift + Redux + (Combine|RxSwift|ReactiveSwift) -> SwiftRex - Unidirectional Dataflow for your favourite reactive framework

Created: Mar 31, 2018Last commit: Mar 15, 2021SwiftRex

Simple Todo Application using SwiftUI / Firebase / Redux.

Created: Dec 26, 2018Last commit: Jul 28, 2020sgr-ksmt

Predictable state management for SwiftUI applications. This is yet another redux inspired state management solution for swift. It's built on top of the Combine framework with an API to bind it to views within SwiftUI (think react-redux).

Created: Jun 10, 2019Last commit: Dec 4, 2020StevenLambion

Sample iOS project built by SwiftUI + Redux(ReSwift) and Combine framework using GitHub API

Created: Jun 16, 2019Last commit: Aug 6, 2019kitasuke

Redux-like state container in SwiftUI

This week we will talk about building a state container similar to Redux which provides a single source of truth for your app. A single state for the whole app makes it easier to debug and inspect. Single source of truth eliminates tons of bugs produced by creating multiple states across the app.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

This week we will talk about best practices in building Redux-based apps which allows us to keep our codebase simple and clean.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

...I want to share with you how I use Container Views with a state container similar to Redux.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

SwiftUI Todo Redux app example using a React/Redux monolithic state store with flux like dispatch/reduce actions

Created: Jun 22, 2019Last commit: Oct 13, 2019moflo