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Understanding of Property Wrappers in SwiftUI

Dec 30, 2020Hetashree Bharadwaj
  • Property Wrapper

In this article, I will address what property wrappers to use, and most importantly, when to use them, under what circumstances.

Feb 16, 2021Nikola Franičević

Binding in SwiftUI

Binding is one of the several property wrappers that SwiftUI presents us to control data flow in the app. Binding provides us a reference like access to a value type. This week we will understand how and when to use binding. We will learn how to avoid common mistakes while using binding in SwiftUI.

Apr 8, 2020swiftwithmajid.com

WWDC20 brought a lot of new features into SwiftUI that I will discuss on my blog during the next weeks. Today I would like to start with the main additions to SwiftUI data flow with the brand new @StateObject, @AppStorage, @SceneStorage, and @ScaledMetric property wrappers.

Jun 29, 2020swiftwithmajid.com