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An Overview of Built-In SwiftUI Views

SwiftUI has many great views already built-in. Learn how to use views like NavigationLink, Button, Text, Image, DatePicker, ColorPicker, etc.

Feb 24, 2021Manuel Schulze
  • Button
  • Date
  • DatePicker
  • Image
  • Navigation
  • NavigationLink
  • Picker
  • Text
  • View


SwiftUIKit adds extra functionality to SwiftUI, like extensions to existing types and completely new views, pickers, utilites, services etc. SwiftUIKit is divided into these areas: Blurs, Cameras, Data, Extensions, Gestures, Navigation, Pickers, Presentation, Sharing, Styles Views

Created: Mar 4, 2020Last commit: Feb 21, 2021danielsaidi

Build a Form from scratch [12:55]

Interactive form using the toggle, stepper, date picker and text field.

Jul 11, 2019DesignCode

In this video, you will learn how to use forms and Pickers in SwiftUI. We will talk about ForEach, navigation, picker, tag, and SwiftUI forms.

Jul 1, 2019maxcodes