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Building type-safe networking in Swift

More than half of the apps I built during my career had networking code. Usually, we build apps for web services. Today we will talk about building the type-safe networking layer using Swift language features like enums, phantom types, and extensions.

Feb 10, 2021swiftwithmajid.com
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SwiftUI sample app using Clean Architecture. Examples of working with CoreData persistence, networking, dependency injection, unit testing, and more.

Created: Oct 28, 2019Last commit: Dec 28, 2020nalexn

Fetching JSON and Image Data with BindableObject [22:20]

Fetching JSON data and rendering it into a list is now changing with SwiftUI. The pattern you must follow now is to create state variables through a Bindable object and observe it through your view widgets. To load image data, we do the same thing through different state objects.

Jun 9, 2019Lets Build That App

Making a real world application with SwiftUI: Part 2

Part two: Async data and remote images

Jul 12, 2019Thomas Ricouard

Declarative HTTP networking, designed for SwiftUI

Created: Jul 12, 2019Last commit: Feb 18, 2021carson-katri

Messenger Clone - Real-time iOS Chat with Firebase Firestore written in Swift

Created: Sep 12, 2018Last commit: Jan 23, 2020instamobile

An open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client

Created: May 3, 2020Last commit: Mar 11, 2021surfstudio

Corona Virus Tracker & Advices iOS App with SwiftUI

Created: Mar 6, 2020Last commit: Jun 26, 2020alfianlosari

Generating dynamic lists and details screens from an API that returns JSON is a fairly common need in modern applications. In this video, we’ll show how to use URLSession to fetch JSON, decode it using JSONDecoder, and then use BindableObject and State properties to create a SwiftUI list from the results.

Jun 29, 2019Twilio

SwiftUI and Combine based GitHubSearch example.

Created: Jun 4, 2019Last commit: Aug 19, 2019marty-suzuki

Declarative-style SwiftUI wrapper around asyncronous image views.

Created: Jun 5, 2019Last commit: Oct 9, 2020cmtrounce

We'll learn about performing HTTP requests in SwiftUI and posting simple JSON data with SwiftUI using HTTP request.

Jul 8, 2019codedamn
Created: Jun 27, 2019Last commit: Jun 27, 2019alexliubj

This week I want to talk about building a networking layer in Swift using Functional programming. Functional programming is a way of making programs using pure functions and function composition. Let’s see how we can use it to build a flexible and composable network layer.

Jan 8, 2020swiftwithmajid.com

When Apple announced the new framework at WWDC2019, I decided to jump into the new opportunity with a challenge to build the first messaging app on SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021Nick Halavins

...it’s time to touch the crucial aspect of every app, and it is data. All the apps have data to present or mutate. Data plays a vital role in apps using SwiftUI. Every view in SwiftUI is just a function of some state, where the state is our data.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

Using SwiftUI to consume REST API with image data

Created: Jul 16, 2019Last commit: Jun 14, 2020russell-archer