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An Overview of Built-In SwiftUI Views

SwiftUI has many great views already built-in. Learn how to use views like NavigationLink, Button, Text, Image, DatePicker, ColorPicker, etc.

Feb 24, 2021Manuel Schulze
  • Button
  • Date
  • DatePicker
  • Image
  • Navigation
  • NavigationLink
  • Picker
  • Text
  • View

Navigation is an essential component of any application, and with SwiftUI, Apple introduced NavigationLink and NavigationView to allow us to create routers with ease.

Dec 9, 2020Anupam Chugh

Lazy navigation in SwiftUI

Most of our apps are more than just a single screen app. We use the navigation to connect different screens inside the app. SwiftUI provides us NavigationLink struct that we can use to link views. This week we will learn how to use NavigationLink more efficiently than before by making it lazy.

Jan 27, 2021swiftwithmajid.com

Navigating Programmatically in SwiftUI Using NavigationLink [14:42]

Aug 25, 2019azamsharp