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SwiftUI Tutorial (Swift UI Basics in 1 Video) [30:52]

...In this SwiftUI tutorial, I’ll demonstrate the basics of this new UI Framework! You're going to get a sneak preview of exactly how Swift UI works as we build a demo project step by step.

Jun 5, 2019CodeWithChris
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Creating Neuromorphic Designs in SwiftUI

Neuromorphic designs consist of UI components extruding from the background. The UI elements are shapes made with the same material and color as the background.

Dec 22, 2020Sarah

SwiftUI Examples

Examples projects using SwiftUI & Combine.

Created: Jun 4, 2019Last commit: Jan 25, 2021varabeis

Learn how to build more complex user interfaces with SwiftUI.

Jun 23, 2019Brian Advent

In this episode we build an app to app to track Dad Jokes, first using navigation views and lists, then porting it to macOS using Catalyst and native macOS SwiftUI, and finally adding in custom UI with gestures and more.

Sep 22, 2019Paul Hudson

Lots and lots of interesting applications you can build with SwiftUI, including some very complex layouts that can be achieved with just a couple of widgets. Let's dive into construction of a dynamic list of Users, along with constructing HStack and VStack elements for our rows.

Jun 5, 2019Lets Build That App

The missing SwiftUI collection view.

Created: Jul 18, 2019Last commit: Aug 5, 2020Q-Mobile

...I went ahead and built out UI that is very similar to apps on the AppStore today. Namely, a layout that has a horizontal header with a vertical list below it. Let's see how to mock this out today.

Jun 6, 2019Lets Build That App

Having built out a couple of concept apps, I notice that I run into some frequent spacing and layout issues while using HStack, VStack, and ZStack. Today's video will cover how you should understand the spacing defaults.

Sep 24, 2019Lets Build That App

📱 An app fully written in SwiftUI showcasing beautiful design and animations.

Created: Jul 11, 2019Last commit: Nov 10, 2019mythxn

...Learn how to create real-world layouts with SwiftUI

Jun 11, 2019David Doll

A flexible grid layout view for SwiftUI

Created: Jul 7, 2019Last commit: Jul 14, 2020pietropizzi

Form for providing credit card. Fully powered by SwiftUI.

Created: Jun 16, 2019Last commit: Jan 16, 2020alexejn

...In this video we'll build our very first app using Apple's brand new framework SwiftUI.

Jun 5, 2019Devslopes

BottomBar component for SwiftUI

Created: Jul 2, 2019Last commit: Jun 16, 2020smartvipere75