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The Simple Life(cycle) of a SwiftUI View

Taking the Veteran Approach to the Next Generation

Sep 13, 2019Danny Bolella
  • Lifecycle
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...if you take a look at the SwiftUI examples, you’ll see that almost appear to make no sense at all in current Swift — how the hell can a bunch of seemingly disconnected View properties result in a complete screen?

Jun 5, 2019Bruno Rocha

Confused by declarative programming? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Jun 19, 2019Michael Long

The Swift Behind SwiftUI – Daniel Steinberg at Hacking with Swift Live 2019 [31:30]

Jul 18, 2019Paul Hudson

Layout priorities in SwiftUI

This week we will talk about another core process in SwiftUI. We will learn the procedure of laying out views. We will understand how SwiftUI calculates positions and sizes of our views and how we can change that process using layout priorities.

Apr 15, 2020swiftwithmajid.com

With the release of SwiftUI, unless you have been paying attention to Swift Evolution, you might have been caught off guard by some of the new features introduced in Swift. In this post, I will start by showing a small snippet of code using SwiftUI and explain feature by feature, from my point of view

Jan 22, 2021ruiper.es

SwiftUI gives us @State, @Binding, @ObjectBinding, @EnvironmentObject, and @Environment Property Wrappers. So let’s try to understand the differences between them and when and why which one we have to use.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

What's behind SwiftUI? is a video series exploring all the Swift Evolution proposals and Swift features that have a direct impact on SwiftUI.

Jun 12, 2019Alexito's World

...One of the things you’ll encounter a lot when building UIs is optional values. You get data from an API and need to render some UI accordingly, but you can’t assume all data is available.

Jun 6, 2019Jasper Haggenburg

Opaque return types is a new language feature that is introduced in Swift 5.1 by Apple. It can be used to return some value for function/method , and property without revealing the concrete type of the value to client that calls the API.

Sep 8, 2019Alfian Losari

...an introduction to some new language features in Swift 5.1 that provides us with a foundation for writing SwiftUI code.

Jun 6, 2019Suyash Srijan

...An Intuitive Explanation of The New Opaque Result Type

Jun 8, 2019Mischa Hildebrand