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An Overview of Built-In SwiftUI Views

SwiftUI has many great views already built-in. Learn how to use views like NavigationLink, Button, Text, Image, DatePicker, ColorPicker, etc.

Feb 24, 2021Manuel Schulze
  • Button
  • Date
  • DatePicker
  • Image
  • Navigation
  • NavigationLink
  • Picker
  • Text
  • View

SwiftUI Kit

A SwiftUI system components and interactions demo app based on iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. Includes Buttons, Colors, Controls, Fonts, Haptics, Images, Indicators, Shapes, Text, and more.

Created: Jul 10, 2020Last commit: Nov 23, 2020jordansinger

SwiftUI Basics: Dynamic Lists, HStack VStack, Images with Circle Clipped Stroke Overlays

Lots and lots of interesting applications you can build with SwiftUI, including some very complex layouts that can be achieved with just a couple of widgets. Let's dive into construction of a dynamic list of Users, along with constructing HStack and VStack elements for our rows.

Jun 5, 2019Lets Build That App

A new image picker was announced at WWDC 2020. PHPicker is the replacement for UIImagePickerController and has a lot of new features...

Dec 9, 2020Manato Kuroda

Integration of SDWebImage Asynchronous image loading and SwiftUI framework

Created: Aug 7, 2019Last commit: Jan 22, 2021SDWebImage

URLImage is a SwiftUI view that displays an image downloaded from provided URL. URLImage manages downloading remote image and caching it locally, both in memory and on disk, for you.

Created: Jun 8, 2019Last commit: Feb 15, 2021dmytro-anokhin

Part two: Async data and remote images

Jul 12, 2019Thomas Ricouard

iOS app that transforms your photos into stunning blurry wallpapers for your device

Created: Feb 18, 2017Last commit: Jan 23, 2021sindresorhus

Mastering images in SwiftUI

This week I want to talk to you about another view component that we have in SwiftUI. Today we will deep dive into image view. Image view provides us a lot of nice features that we don’t have in UIImageView like rendering mode, resizing options, interpolation, etc.

May 27, 2020swiftwithmajid.com

Declarative-style SwiftUI wrapper around asyncronous image views.

Created: Jun 5, 2019Last commit: Oct 9, 2020cmtrounce

Swift µframework for fetching images 🍊

Created: Aug 1, 2019Last commit: Aug 13, 2019RuiAAPeres

In this One Minute tutorial, we will show you how to create a circular image in SwiftUI. Use a 200px by 200px image for best result.

Jun 30, 2019CodeWithChris

🚀 SwiftUI image downloader for BindingObject with performant LRU mem/disk cache.

Created: Jul 25, 2019Last commit: Jun 20, 2020geekaurora

SFSymbols SwiftUI Enum

Created: Jul 17, 2019Last commit: Jun 15, 20200xLeif

Using SwiftUI to consume REST API with image data

Created: Jul 16, 2019Last commit: Jun 14, 2020russell-archer

This post describes how to build a view that can download an image from URL behind the scenes using SwiftUI.

Jun 7, 2019Dmytro Anokhin