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How to use GeometryReader without breaking SwiftUI layout

Usually, I try to avoid GeometryReader as much as I can. But sometimes, we need it to build our custom view. This week we will talk about GeometryReader. The view that allows us to read its geometry and layout child views manually.

Nov 4, 2020swiftwithmajid.com
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Relative Layouts Using GeometryReader in SwiftUI [10:28]

Aug 5, 2019azamsharp

Most of the time, SwiftUI will do its Layout Magic and life will be wonderful. However, there are times (many times), when we require more control over the layout of our custom views. For these moments, we have several tools. The first one we are going to explore is GeometryReader.

Jan 22, 2021swiftui-lab.com

This week I want to show you how to use Shape API in SwiftUI. We will take a look at ready to use shapes like Circle, Capsule, Rectangle, etc. We will learn how to draw super custom shapes by using Path and GeometryReader. In the end, we will build BarChart implementation ultimately in SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io