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Create a Form in SwiftUI 2.0

Create a form in SwiftUI. We are going to create one with multiple Sections, TextField, TextEditor, Picker and Button. Using Xcode 12 and SwiftUI 2.0.

Dec 10, 2020Sullivan De Carli
  • Form


SwiftUI iOS component for Step Indications.

Created: Apr 5, 2020Last commit: Feb 18, 2021badrinathvm

Build a Form from scratch [12:55]

Interactive form using the toggle, stepper, date picker and text field.

Jul 11, 2019DesignCode

Building forms with SwiftUI

Today we are going to build form styled layout with SwiftUI. I want to show you a real-life example of the settings screen built with SwiftUI’s new Form component.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

Today, I’d like to show you to build a simple form using SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021www.appcoda.com

In this post, we will build a registration form with SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021dev.to

In this part, we will compose a more complex UI and implement features such a Text Fields and Buttons and get to know the basic data flow concepts of SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021www.blckbirds.com

SwiftUI makes Form creation incredibly simple and quick to build functional forms in no time at all.

Jan 22, 2021programmingwithswift.com