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Building Cross-Platform Apps With SwiftUI

Since their launch, universal apps (multiplatform apps) have been worth considering for both indie developers and large companies.

Dec 17, 2020Can Balkaya
  • Cross Platform
  • iPadOS
  • macOS
  • tvOS
  • watchOS
  • Universal App

Reddit SwiftUI

A cross-platform Reddit client built in SwiftUI

Created: Jul 29, 2019Last commit: Oct 27, 2020carson-katri

Minimal Kotlin Multiplatform project using Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI

Created: Dec 22, 2019Last commit: Mar 13, 2021joreilly

SwiftUI On All Devices

You can use the same SwiftUI skills for making an iOS app as you would for making an app on watchOS, tvOS or macOS. We'll cover the basics, and then dig into more detail about how SwiftUI can help you make changes to your app on every Apple device.

Jan 22, 2021developer.apple.com

We will learn how to run the same views both on iOS, watchOS and macOS without any changes. To make it possible, all we need is an understanding of the view decomposition principle.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io