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What’s the Delegation Protocol in SwiftUI?

Do SwiftUI and Delegation Make Sense?

Oct 11, 2019Danny Bolella
  • Beginner
  • Protocol
  • Best Practices

Some thoughts on SwiftUI view composition, code readability and application performance.

Jun 15, 2019Michael Long

SwiftUI Clean Coding with Custom View Modifiers [9:37]

Today's lesson will cover the topic of using View Modifiers to clean up a bunch of repetitive code in SwiftUI.

Oct 1, 2019Lets Build That App

Or how to avoid MVB (Massive-View-Bodies) in one easy lesson.

Sep 30, 2019Michael Long

Redux-like state container in SwiftUI. Best practices.

This week we will talk about best practices in building Redux-based apps which allows us to keep our codebase simple and clean.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

This week we will learn how to use closures to make SwiftUI views composable and decoupled.

Jan 22, 2021mecid.github.io

Jason Flax, lead engineer of Realm Cocoa team, explains best practices of using SwiftUI with Realm.

Feb 17, 2021Sergey Gerasimenko