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The Simple Life(cycle) of a SwiftUI View

Taking the Veteran Approach to the Next Generation

Sep 13, 2019Danny Bolella
  • Lifecycle
  • Internals
Jan 21, 2021Michael Long
Jan 12, 2021Mohammad Azam

SwiftUI vs UIKit – Comparison of building the same app in each framework [15:13]

UIKit has served us for many years with a bright future still ahead of it, and SwiftUI is the cool new kid in town. But which of the two works better when building a real app?

Jun 17, 2019Paul Hudson

...I’ll answer a question about the future of Storyboards by going through a personal experience of my last 4 years in iOS development.

Jun 7, 2019Nabil Kazi

TL;DR: Flutter is likely to benefit as Apple developers see that they can use the same declarative UI techniques as SwiftUI but also run their code on many more platforms, including Android, Windows, Web, and IOT.

Jun 4, 2019Martin Rybak

Fixing another common environment issue in SwiftUI.

Mar 11, 2021Michael Long

Why SwiftUI and Combine will help you to build better apps

Sep 19, 2019Peter Friese

How to use Swift 5.1 Property Wrappers to cut your dependency injection code in half.

Jul 1, 2019Michael Long

Or how Apple is making a major mistake with SwiftUI…

Jun 13, 2019Michael Long

...Does this mean that your hard-won UIKit knowledge is worthless? Of course not. But SwiftUI is going to make writing professional-looking mobile and watch and desktop apps lot easier. I mean a lot easier.

Jun 4, 2019Michael Long

Some thoughts on SwiftUI view composition, code readability and application performance.

Jun 15, 2019Michael Long

...if you take a look at the SwiftUI examples, you’ll see that almost appear to make no sense at all in current Swift — how the hell can a bunch of seemingly disconnected View properties result in a complete screen?

Jun 5, 2019Bruno Rocha

Join the new SwiftUI language or keep using the affordable Storyboards system?

Aug 18, 2019Ivano Di Gese

An explanation of how SwiftUI works coming from a React background

Jul 25, 2019Arnaud