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MovieSwiftUI is an application using the MovieDB API built with SwiftUI.

Created: Jun 6, 2019Last commit: Jan 6, 2021Dimillian
  • Combine
  • Flux
  • Redux
  • API

GraphQL in Swift

I spent last weeks sharing more about type-safety and building robust APIs in Swift. I want to continue the type-safety topic by talking about GraphQL. GraphQL is a query language for your API. This week we will talk about the benefits of GraphQL, and we will learn how to utilize it in Swift.

Feb 24, 2021swiftwithmajid.com

A cross-platform Reddit client built in SwiftUI

Created: Jul 29, 2019Last commit: Oct 27, 2020carson-katri

An open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client

Created: May 3, 2020Last commit: Mar 11, 2021surfstudio

Building SwiftUI Video Game DB App using IGDB Remote API

Aug 9, 2019Alfian Losari

Corona Virus Tracker & Advices iOS App with SwiftUI

Created: Mar 6, 2020Last commit: Jun 26, 2020alfianlosari

Build an app that fetches JSON from the Unsplash API

Jun 11, 2019Gary Tokman
Created: Jun 16, 2019Last commit: May 1, 2020AlexeyVoronov96

A Weather app in SwiftUI.

Created: Jun 15, 2019Last commit: Dec 8, 2019bpisano

How to add support for paginated API responses to SwiftUI lists

Aug 12, 2019Christian Elies

SwiftUI MovieDB prototype app built with Xcode 11 Beta & macOS 10.15 Catalina

Created: Jun 7, 2019Last commit: Mar 6, 2020alfianlosari

💬 Nio is an upcoming matrix client for iOS.

Created: Nov 19, 2019Last commit: Mar 11, 2021niochat

My experience creating a classic beginner iOS app: a Reddit client

Oct 5, 2019Erik Lasky

Generating dynamic lists and details screens from an API that returns JSON is a fairly common need in modern applications. In this video, we’ll show how to use URLSession to fetch JSON, decode it using JSONDecoder, and then use BindableObject and State properties to create a SwiftUI list from the results.

Jun 29, 2019Twilio

SwiftUI and Combine based GitHubSearch example.

Created: Jun 4, 2019Last commit: Aug 19, 2019marty-suzuki

Improves upon the original Weather app using SwiftUI. It allows users to call up the current weather and daily forecast for a particular location using the Dark Sky API.

Created: Jun 13, 2019Last commit: Nov 2, 2020bobbyconti

A HackerNews client made using SwiftUI

Created: Jun 17, 2019Last commit: Jun 1, 2020timshim

Little project that fetches a list of companies, sort them by their share price and can show its details on a separate view.

Created: Jun 9, 2019Last commit: Oct 25, 2019illescasDaniel

Simple app to show usage of SwiftUI and Combine

Created: Jun 17, 2019Last commit: Jun 26, 2019albertopeam

🎮 Favorite your games and see the upcoming games! Swift + Combine = 💜

Created: Sep 29, 2019Last commit: Oct 19, 2020ViniciusDeep