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MVVM in SwiftUI

SwiftUI does not follow MVC architecture. This means when you create a brand new application in Xcode 11 and enable SwiftUI, it does not create any controllers. This does not mean that you can’t use MVC design pattern with SwiftUI, it simply means maybe a different pattern (MVVM) can better suite your needs.

Jun 10, 2019Mohammad Azam
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Oct 10, 2019Darren

SwiftUI Scroll Animation using GeometryReader [4:02]

Detect your scroll position and apply 3D transform animations.

Jul 4, 2019DesignCode

Ready to get started with SwiftUI? In this tutorial you'll learn how to build an app that uses Core ML to recommend when users should go to bed based on how much coffee they drink, while also showing you how to use steppers, stacks, and date pickers. Watch the UIKit version of this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9_BG2q7XYw Get the code for the UIKit version of this project: https://github.com/twostraws/SwiftOnSundays – look inside "010 BetterRest" / App / BetterRest for the SleepCalculator.mlmodel file used in this tutorial. For more information on SwiftUI, see my free online reference guide SwiftUI By Example: https://www.hackingwithswift.com/quick-start/swiftui

Jun 15, 2019Paul Hudson

Often with mobile apps, we want to conserve the amount of data that is being consumed by users. This can help to save battery life and mobile data on their monthly bills. Newly introduced in Combine is a method called debounce that allows us to throttle changes we receive when typing into a search field.

Jun 20, 2019Lets Build That App

Implement a dynamic list with empty, error, and loading state

Jul 14, 2019Christian Elies

In this video, I'll walk you through how to make expandable rows in SwiftUI! In other words, rows in your list that expand and collapse when tapped.

Jul 25, 2019Scott Smith

Advanced SwiftUI Transitions

In this article, we are going to explore the different options for using transitions. We’ll discuss several aspects of them. From the basic to the most advanced. How to configure, combine and trigger them. We’ll study what are the pre-existing transitions, but more importantly, how we can create our own.

Jan 22, 2021swiftui-lab.com

You can use the same SwiftUI skills for making an iOS app as you would for making an app on watchOS, tvOS or macOS. We'll cover the basics, and then dig into more detail about how SwiftUI can help you make changes to your app on every Apple device.

Jan 22, 2021developer.apple.com

When Apple announced the new framework at WWDC2019, I decided to jump into the new opportunity with a challenge to build the first messaging app on SwiftUI.

Jan 22, 2021Nick Halavins

Most of the time, SwiftUI will do its Layout Magic and life will be wonderful. However, there are times (many times), when we require more control over the layout of our custom views. For these moments, we have several tools. The first one we are going to explore is GeometryReader.

Jan 22, 2021swiftui-lab.com

In this article we are going to dive into some advanced techniques to create SwiftUI animations. I will talk extensively about the Animatable protocol, its trusty companion animatableData, the powerful and often ignored GeometryEffect and the completely overlooked but almighty AnimatableModifier protocol.

Jan 22, 2021swiftui-lab.com